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Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine.

"Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine."


We must stress that all customers pay particular attention to the following information when choosing granite. This information is supplied to make sure all customers are aware of the characteristics of natural stone. Some types of granites have a highly polished glass like finish, whilst others have a more open grain. Open grained materials gives the effect of a more textured surface and this can be more noticeable especially around window areas. You can also see this effect if you look across your worktops at a certain angle in a certain light. Lamont stone insist on first choice materials from their suppliers. However even in first quality material some or all of the natural characteristics will still be present. Due to granite's inconsistent make up, there can also be colour variation, micro pores, fissures and natural markings still present in the finished worktop. Whilst granite is very hard wearing and it is still not perfect due to its natural structure. Such features are an inherent part of the product but does no impair the durability nor the beauty of the product. In order to try to reduce the above mentioned characteristics, and to provide worktops of the highest quality, all worktops are filled, resined, reinforced and and laquered where necessary during manufacture.

Therefore careful consideration should be given, as to whether the structure, veining, colour variation, and finish of the particular granite you choose will be acceptable, as it will not be possible to eliminate any of these natural markings after the worktop has been installed.

DRAINER GROOVES : alone will not remove excess water from the worktop they simply give the worktop a more aesthetic appearance. They are flat and will not automatically run the water into the sink. They make it slightly easier to wipe away any spillage into the sink but are not as effective as a recessed drainer.

RECESS DRAINERS : are designed to contain a reasonable amount of excess water on the worktop. It prevents it from running over the edge onto the units and floor. However it will not run the water into the sink and this will have to be wiped down.

JOINTING : All joints are butt glued and filled with a coloured matched polyester glue. This creates a flush fitting joint which is both inconspicuous and hygienic. All glues and sealants used during the installation of your worktop are antibacterial and will not detoriorate over time.

THICKNESS : Granite can vary in thickness therefore a 30 or 40mm worktop can be plus or minus 2 mm

HONED FINISH : Anyone who chooses a honed finish must be aware that when granite is not polished to a high finish it is more difficult to look after. It is more porous and will be more prone to absorbing oil and various other liquids which can be difficult to remove. ( Not covered by our anti-stain warranty )

INSTALLATION : To avoid damage and to allow for expansion of the worktop a 5mm clearance around the wall is required for installation.

SAMPLES : All samples provided serve only to indicate in a general way the colour, markings and texture found in each particular material. Therefore if you are in any doubt as to the exact material you will receive, it is advisable to visit our warehouse where you can inspect the current stock from which your worktop will be produced.

SINQUASTONE : is a manufactured stone made up of 93% quartz and 7% polymer. This makes it as hard as granite and 5 times stronger. Whilst sinquastone has a polished finish, it is not as highly polished as most granites. The advantage in sinquastone is that it is consistent in colour, free from micro pores, fissures and irregular markings found in most natural granites. For someone wanting to avoid the irregularities of natural stone this material would be a better option.

Please Remember : Granite is a rock cut out of the ground. It was not formed specifically for worktops. Therefore some or all of the natural markings highlighted above may still be present on your worktop. These are not manufacturing faults and are not covered by our guarantee. Should you have any other concerns regarding the material you have chosen please consult a member of our fully trained staff who will be able to help and advise you before proceeding with your order.

Lamont Stone have been founded on the principiles of developing and delivering innovative manufacturing techniques and exceptional products together with a friendly, professional and responsive service to our customers.