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Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine.

"Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine."




We use the latest state of the art digitizing system to take accurate dimensions on all jobs. Whilst this system is the most accurate on the market it is not an exact science, therefore, slight tolerances in both overhangs and thickness are to be expected.

To make sure they will fit correctly it is essential that all units are securely fixed in final position before we arrive. If this is not the case it will result in a second visit which will incur a second templating charge. To avoid this charge we can still take measurements based on instructions provided. However if the units are not installed to the measurements supplied, we cannot be held responsible if the worktops do not fit properly and a modification charge or cost of a replacement top will apply.


Please note that it is essential that all kitchen and bathroom units are structurally sound and capable of supporting the weight of the worktops. Lamont Stone will not be liable for failure of carcasses to support the weight of the worktops, nor for joint breakdown or dropping of worktops where carcass movement is the cause. All units must be securely fixed before your worktop can be installed. None of the materials we offer for worktops are self supporting and must have the proper support to avoid problems after installation.
This is especially necessary where there are no units underneath the worktop i.e. over dishwashers, fridges etc and alternative support is required. Sinks and hobs are also weak points and may need to be strengthened by means of support bars.

It is also very important where overhangs are required and these areas will also require additional support. The maximum unsupported overhangs for the following materials are as follows ;
12 mm Marble - Granite - Quartz.  Maximum overhang 100 mm
20 mm Marble - Granite - Quartz.  Maximum overhang 200 mm
30/40 mm Marble - Granite - Quartz Maximum overhang 300 mm
Neolith Ceramic 12 mm. Maximum overhang 100 mm
Neolith Ceramic Box Edge Maximum overhang 300 mm

We now also see a trend for thinner worktops and where worktops of less than 20 mm thick are required it is essential that all cabinets have a solid top to provide adequate support. It should also be kept in mind that the permitted overhangs, sink and hob requirements stated above are even more important when using this thickness of worktop.    

With our experience over the years we feel that the above requirements for worktop support and overhangs is essential if problems are to be avoided at a later stage. However if the design requires larger overhangs and the designer and client are aware of our conditions we are still willing to offer this service but cannot be responsible for any problems that may develop at a later stage due to the lack of support and will not be covered by our warranty.

This is the case for all manufactured materials as none of the manufacturers are prepared to offer any guarantee where their materials are not properly supported.



Lamont Stone have been founded on the principles of developing and delivering innovative manufacturing techniques and exceptional products together with a friendly, professional and responsive service to our customers.