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Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine.

"Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine."

Granite Warranty Registration

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Thank you for choosing Lamont Stone as your worktop supplier.
Being the first company in UK and Ireland to offer all our customers a Lifetime anti-stain warranty on our work surfaces, we are confident it will offer you many years of trouble free service.


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1. Register the warranty

Please read the terms and conditions of our of Lifetime performance warranty carefully, and complete our online registration form in order to validate the warranty.

To register this warranty you must complete the on line registration form below within 30 days of your granite worktop being installed.

2. Lifetime Warranty

A Lifetime performance warranty is offered stating that the treated surface will remain water and stain resistant to common non-acidic house hold liquids for the lifetime of the surface from the date of installation. The anti-stain treatment applied to the work surfaces offers up to a maximum of 24 hours of anti-stain protection.

If any such staining does occur within the 24 hour protection period the Company will repair and reseal the surface at their expense to ensure the continued effectiveness of the treatment.

This warranty covers staining arising out of normal use and care of the work surface for the lifetime of the product from date of installation, subject to it being used and maintained strictly in accordance with our product care and maintenance information.

3. Care & Maintenance Instructions

Do not place hot pots and pans directly onto your work surface as the thermol shock can cause fractures and discolouration due to these extreme temperatures.
An appropriate stand or trivet should be used at all times to protect the surface from damage.

Do not cut directly on your work surface as constant use in the same area may cause surface scratches. Always use a chopping board for cutting and preparing food.

All spills should be wiped up immediately or as soon as practicably possible and should not be left for any longer than 24 hours being the maximum protection period. If oil / wine etc is left for longer than this it may well penetrate the anti-stain barrier and will not be covered by the warranty.

A free care kit is supplied with all worktops on installation. In order to keep your worktops in pristine condition and comply with our warranty terms these products should be used on a regular basis as per the instructions supplied. Further supplies can be obtained from your kitchen supplier or direct from Lamont Stone via our website.

If used correctly they will make your work surface much easier to maintain and help enhance the appearance of the stone.

4. Not covered by Anti-Stain Warranty

4.1 Any warranty claim by any person other than the original purchaser. This warranty is not transferable.
4.2 Any warranty claim arising wholly or in part from improper use i.e. use of the product for any purpose other than which it was intended.
4.3 Any warranty claim arising out damage caused by harsh chemicals such as but not limited to;Ajax,Acidic Bang,paint,stain,putty oils or residue,acids, oven cleaners, solvents, and alkalis.
4.4 Any warranty claim arising wholly or in part from failure to comply with the recommendations.
4.5 Any warranty claim where a liquid has been left on the work surface for over 24 hours (the maximum protection time) and has been left to evaporate.
4.6 Any warranty claim arising wholly or in part from any natural disaster or from damage caused by interaction with other products or cause beyond the Company's control.
4.7 Any warranty claim in respect of any matter which is apparent at date of completion of the installation of the worktop, or which would have been apparent on any reasonable inspection.

You will have been deemed to have carried out a reasonable inspection of the goods at the time of completion of the installation and in registering for the warranty you confirm that that is the case.
4.8 Any warranty claim where the worktop is not a polished surface i.e. honed, antique or leather finish.
4.9 Any warranty claim subsequent to any work or repairs of the product without prior written verification by the company.
4.10 Any warranty claim that is made in excess of 30 days after the staining has first become evident.
4.11 Any warranty claim which is not accompanied with the original invoice or sales receipt.
4.12 Any warranty claim involving any false incomplete or illegible information.
4.13 This limited warranty does not cover products that have not been paid for in full.
4.14 This warranty does not cover products that you, the customer decide you do not like after installation due to colour, edging styles or other opinions based on personal preference.
4.15 This warranty does not cover any additional or supplemental repairs or modifications such as, for example, any plumbing, electrical, tile or wall surface modifications that may be necessary to repair or replace the product covered under this warranty; such other repairs and modifications shall be the responsibility of the customer.
4.16 This warranty does not cover colour variances, thermal shock, chemical abuse, impact damage, surface scratches or undue stress.

Please remember that our care kit supplied must be used as specified to maintain total protection.

Please click here to register your warranty

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