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Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine.

"Welcome to Northern Ireland's premier worktop manufacturer in Coleraine."

What is Granite

What is Granite ?
GRANITE is a natural rock created by mother nature many millions of years ago. The word granite is derived from the Latin word granum, meaning grains. Where Does it come from ? Our planet is estimated to be at least 4.5 billion years old. The world began as a hot sphere of molten rock. As the earth cooled, three main types of rock were formed. These rocks are called sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. Geologists classify granite as an igneous rock. It is formed far below the earth's surface when the hot liquid rock (Magma) has cooled and hardened. As the magma rises and pushes its way towards the surface it cools. Most granite magma cools slowly enough to form coarse crystals and it solidifies below the earth's surface. Granite composed of larger crystals was formed nearer to the earth's core where it cooled more slowly. This granite is generally lighter in colour. Granite that forms closer to the earth's surface cools more quickly. This results in much stronger granite with smaller crystals and is usually darker in colour. Granite is crystalline in nature. Crystalline rocks make up the base for the continental masses. These crystalline grains fit together very tightly interlocking like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This makes granite immensely strong as well as extremely durable. Granite is made up of different minerals the most prominent ones being quartz, feldspar and alkali which are lighter in colour. These and minor amounts of other minerals, such as hornblende, amphibole and mica which are darker, were pressed together under immense pressure deep within the earth to create infinite unique patterns. This gives us a vast range of colour and texture depending on the mineral composition. As softer earthen material surrounding granite deposits eroded over time, hard granite become exposed creating quarries of granite. Granite can be found in abundance all over the planet. No two patterns of granite are the same. Each is a unique piece of magma art created by nature, and the entire process is known to have taken millions of years. Some granite rocks existing to-day, have been there since the geologic periods, which makes them the oldest rocks on the planet.

What is Marble ?
MARBLE is a metamorphic rock and unlike granite it is not formed from molten rock. It is formed from limestone under extreme heat and compression. The final colour is determined by what other minerals are mixed with it during its formation deep within the earth. Another popular metamorphic rock is slate. Limestone Sandstone Shale and Chalk are all types sedimentary rocks. They may contain fossils of animals and plants trapped in the sediments as the rock was formed.

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